Boy, 14, found hanged in school toilets by sister after years of bullying because he loved riding

A HORSE-mad teenage boy was found hanged in the toilets at school by his sister after suffering years of abuse from bullies.

Bradley John, 14, was found hanging by his younger sister after being tormented over his love of horses.

Bradley was a star pupil at an equestrian centre run by Olympic show jumper David Broome – which led to him being picked on at school.

His dad Byron John, 56, told the hearing: “Other boys tormented Bradley because he rode horses.

“After competing in an event I remember him saying: “I’m here while they are at home on their XBoxes. They are losers.”

The hearing was told Bradley preferred adult company and was bullied because of his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Pupils spat in his dinner and poured salt and vinegar over his food at meal times.

He was sexually assaulted, beaten up and had his mobile phone and clothes stolen on the school bus, the inquest heard.

Mr John told the hearing: “It was horrific. We were trying to get through to Bradley that if he managed his reaction differently the bullies would get fed up and move on.”

Bradley was in a good mood when he arrived at St John Lloyd Comprehensive Catholic School in Llanelli, South Wales, on September 12, 2018.

But he went missing from lessons and was found in the toilet block by his younger sister and a member of school staff.