BBC Breakfast is pulled off air as studio is forced to evacuate

This is the moment that BBC Breakfast was taken off the air as the studio was compelled to evacuate due to a fire alarm scare.

The news programme disappeared from British televisions halfway through a report, leaving viewers puzzled. Presenters Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty were providing viewers with the latest updates when they switched to a reporter in Bristol to mark 20 years since the final flight of the Concorde supersonic aeroplane.

As a reporter displayed the aircraft and archive footage from its final flight, the report suddenly cut out and transitioned to a BBC News report on Gaza. BBC Breakfast viewers were perplexed as, following the report, they expected to see presenters Ms. Munchetty and Mr. Stayt back on their screens.

However, the broadcast on BBC One instead utilized the same feed as that from the BBC News channel. But it was later explained that both of them and the rest of the Breakfast team had to be evacuated from their studio after a fire alert. The broadcast returned to the red sofa around 15 minutes later after a BBC News report concluded.

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