Attacker ‘won’t answer questions’ after killing 3 people in Nottingham

A lone wolf who carried out a deadly attack in Nottingham yesterday has been apprehended but is refusing to cooperate with the police.

The perpetrator, a 31-year-old individual of West African origin who is known to law enforcement authorities, is not a British citizen but has been residing in the United Kingdom since his teenage years with legal settled status.

He does not have a criminal record and is not believed to have been under the surveillance of MI5 or counter-terrorism units.

However, sources suggest that he may have a history of mental health issues.

According to reports from The Telegraph, he is unwilling to assist the police in their investigation of the attacks, which could potentially impede progress.

The onset of the horror was marked by blood-curdling screams at 4 am, as two teenage students were fatally stabbed near the University of Nottingham campus.

Barnaby Webber and his friend Grace Kumar, both aged 19, were walking home after a night out at PRYZM when they were singled out in the student area of Ilkeston Road.

Approximately an hour later, about two miles away on Magdala Road, the attacker dressed in black fatally stabbed van driver Ian Coates and stole his vehicle.

At 5:30 am, the white Vauxhall Vivaro van collided with three individuals waiting for a bus on Milton Street in the city centre.

The collision resulted in three individuals being hospitalized, with one man in critical condition and the other two sustaining minor injuries.

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