Afghan refugees so sick of living in hotels ‘they are begging to be allowed home’

Afghans refugees who fled the Taliban are saying “they can’t take it any more” and want to be sent home due to the poor conditions they are facing in the UK, it is reported.

A lack of housing has meant that many Afghan families have been stuck in hotels and Home Office officials have reportedly said that this could continue for months to come until suitable homes are found.

Boris Johnson launched the Operation Warm Welcome, at the end of August, but the Afghan resettlement programme has seen some refugees already feeling that they would prefer to be back home.

The programme was set out for the 7,000 Afghan arrivals to “rebuild their lives, find work, pursue education and integrate into their local communities.”

Now some of the refugees have said they “can’t take this any more” reported the Guardian.

A doctor told the newspaper: “I’ve had a few patients telling me they want to go home.

“One guy, who was 67, kept saying: “I can’t take this any more. I have to get out of this (hotel) room.

He said another stated: “‘I just want my freedom from the hotel.’ I had to put him on medication and his wife because they were so upset.”

There is also worry over the healthcare that Afghans are receiving with confusion over access to GPs and the general support they have been given.

Cllr Danny Thorpe of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, in south London told the Guardian that the lack of support for the 700 Afghans that came to the borough was “unforgiveable”.