Woman relives harrowing moment ex battered her with 32ins TV

THESE are the horror injuries suffered by a woman when she was battered with a 32in TV by her brute ex as she begged him to let her live.

Abbie Brydon, 28, was left covered in blood after Scott Hughes punched and kicked her and poured paint over her during the savage attack.

She suffered fractured eye sockets, a broken nose and was left with facial bruises so severe even her own family didn’t recognise her.

Hughes, 27, then slashed his own throat in a bid to fool jurors into believing he was the victim – but they saw through his lies and he has now been caged for 14 years.

Abbie has now released pictures of her injuries as she bravely opened up about her horror ordeal at the hands of her abusive ex.

She told Manchester Evening News: “He picked up my 32inch flat screen and smashed it over the back of my head.

“I pleaded with him to stop because I knew in that moment if he didn’t he was going to kill me.

“Nobody should ever have to plead for their life.”

Abbie met Hughes in 2017 in a pub in Manchester and they soon moved in together – despite pals warning her the monster had a violent past.

But the relationship still turned sour and Hughes began bombarding her with messages and phonecalls asking what she was doing and who she was with.

Fuelled by jealousy, Hughes once flew into a fit of rage when Abbie accepted a lift home from a male colleague rather than walking in the snow.

She said: “After a month or so living together, Scott just completely changed.

“Even when we were out with Scott’s friends, he would accuse them of flirting with me.”

On March 24, Abbie returned home from work and discovered Hughes “absolutely wasted” so the pair rowed.

She later fell asleep on the sofa as the thug stormed out of the flat to go to a house party.

But when he returned, Hughes began arguing with Abbie again and launched into a savage attack.

After smashing the TV on her head, the brute punched and kicked Abbie, poured paint on her and pulled a wardrobe over her as she begged him to stop.

In a callous bid to “dispose of the evidence”, Hughes then forced Abbie to get in the shower before attacking her again.

He then sliced his throat with a butter knife to create a superficial wound – with Abbie only managing to escape the nightmare when she opened the front door and screamed for help.

Abbie’s injuries were so severe, her brother and best friend walked straight past her hospital bed because they didn’t recognise her.

She was unable to work for three months following the attack and suffered extreme anxiety.

Abbie said: “The nightmares are the worst bit.

“I have insomnia because I’m scared to sleep knowing that I’ll wake up in a sweat having relived what he did to me.”

Hughes yelled “this is bulls**t, a load of bulls**t” as he was caged this week for 14 years after being found guilty of inflicting GBH with intent.

Manchester Crown Court heard how he has a string of previous convictions for violence – including one for grievous bodily harm in 2013 that earned him a six-year prison sentence

Abbie has now relived the traumatic ordeal to show others they can get “justice” if they press charges.

She added: “I couldn’t have it on my conscience that if I didn’t speak up he could have killed someone else, because he so nearly killed me.

“Even though going through the trial was the hardest thing I have ever done it was the best thing I did because now I know he can’t do it to anybody else.”