Woman claims she found FORTY dead cockroaches in her takeaway meal

A HORRIFIED customer claims to have found over 40 dead cockroaches in her takeaway.

Shocking footage shows the woman picking out the dead bugs from her dinner with chopsticks.

The unnamed customer had ordered a braised duck dish through an as yet unidentified online food delivery platform.

She claims she was eating with her friends when the meal was sent to her door, but the table of diners were left shocked when one of them found a dead cockroach inside, reports said.

After removing the first insect the group began inspecting the duck dish more closely and found carcass after carcass of dead cockroaches inside.

They seemingly blended in with the braised duck because of their colour.

The friends claimed they found more than 40 cockroaches, with the dead bugs filling up two pieces of tissue paper they had laid on the table.

The woman, who lives in Shantou City in South China’s Guangdong Province, said she complained to the restaurant and then reported the case to the police.

Authorities are now investigating together with officials at the local Food and Drug Administration.

The restaurant offered an apology and has reportedly announced a 15-day suspension of business while investigations are ongoing.

It is unclear whether the meal had been prepared fresh or whether it had been prepared earlier and heated before the delivery.