Wheelchair-bound Labrador gets job at charity for disabled children

A gorgeous black Labrador who uses a wheelchair to get around has bagged a job at a charity for disabled kids.

Maggie the dog has become the mascot for Bill’s Special Kids, a charity in Moreno Valley, California, that campaigns to make recreational facilities more inclusive for children with special needs.

The five year-old dog suffered a back injury that was left untreated, and ultimately meant she was unable to walk without dragging her back legs.

She was taken to Newport Beach Animal Shelter, with an appearance on its social media pages prompting a fundraising effort that got Maggie her chair.

Maggie loves her new wheels, and has since been adopted by the Yearsley family, who run Bill’s Special Kids.

Wheelchair using black lab becomes special needs mascot

Peggy Yearsley is delighted by her new dog’s attitude to life with a disability, and is convinced Maggie will inspire the children they work with.

She told CBSLA: ‘I can’t wait until she sees all of the other kids and adults with special needs.

I think they will learn from her, as well as she’s going to learn from them.’

Newport Beach Animal Shelter Valerie Schomburg is also moved by Maggie’s progress.

She said: ‘When I came out here and met the whole family, and see the situation, and just see how happy she is, boy that just warms my heart…’