Walmart shooter Patrick Crusius, 21, was ‘weird, nerdy boy’ who ‘would pick his nose and eat scabs’,

THE twisted Texas Walmart shooter was a “weird nerdy boy” who “always stuck with his own race”, a former classmate said today.

Patrick Crusius, 21, murdered at least 20 people and wounded 26 others – including a four month old baby – in a cowardly attack at a supermarket in El Paso yesterday.

A former classmate told The Sun Online that she remembered Crusius as “the nerdy quiet kid” who barely spoke to anyone.

He was arrested on in El Paso – on the US-Mexico border – yesterday after opening fire on adults and children in a packed Walmart using an AK47-type weapon.

Paige Ortiz went to school in Plano, Texas, with the mass shooter and said “people thought he was weird”.

She said: “I went through two school years with him – he was just the quiet nerdy boy in class that kept to himself – he didn’t talk much or at least to me anyway.

It’s hard to remember a lot about him because he never really stood out or acted out.”

She said he was thought of as a weirdo by schoolmates because of his strange habits in class and she believes he was bullied.

Paige added: “People thought he was weird – people had caught him picking his nose and eating scabs and stuff like that.

“I just don’t know what he was thinking going into a Walmart and gunning down so many wives, fathers, children, mums and dads.

“Those people took a trio to the store and will never make it back home, a four-month-old baby.

“I just want to know what happened to him to make him do this.

“I feel like he may have been bullied. Our school was diverse, however everyone usually fitted in somewhere”

Shortly after his arrest, Crusius’ Facebook and LinkedIn accounts gave an insight into his everyday life – as he revealed he spends “eight hours a day on his computer”.

He revealed he “wasn’t motivated” and said “working generally sucks” before adding that he is simply going to “go with the wind”.

He wrote on LinkedIn: “I’m not really motivated to do anything more than what’s necessary to get by.

“Working in general sucks, but I guess a career in Software Development suits me well.

“I spend about eight hours every day on the computer so that counts towards technology experience I guess.

“Pretty much just gonna see what technology careers present themselves to me; go with the wind.”

Since his arrest following the massacre – a manifesto allegedly written by the killer has circulated online.

The document is full of offensive racist, white supremacist and anti-immigration rants.

Paige, who attended Hendrick Middle School with Crusius, said she it wouldn’t shock her if he was a white supremacist.

She added: “It does not surprise me in all honesty, he did kind of stick with his race.”

Just before 11am local time yesterday (6pm BST) he stormed through the front entrance of the capacity-filled shop and opened fire as families were back-to-school shopping.

His bloody 20-minute shooting spree left at least 20 people dead while twenty-six people were hospitalised.

Crusius, wearing ear defenders and cargo trousers, later went on to tell investigators he wanted to shoot as many Mexicans as possible, according to local reports.