‘Vicious bullies drove me into the arms of ISIS’: Jihadi bride tells how she flew to Syria after brutal attack on pregnant friend

An ISIS bride has revealed how she went from being a school girl in London to flying to Syria with her jihadi husband.

Fatima, 30, met her ‘prince’, who turned out to be an ISIS recruiter, online and in 2015 they left the UK to support the ‘liberation army.’

After being bullied and having abuse shouted at her because of her religion for years, Fatima agreed to leave and has now revealed her story to the Stylist.

Her story was revealed after Shamima Begum appealed to come back to Britain after leaving Bethnal Green to join IS when she was 15 in 2015.

Begum, now 19, granted a number of interviews while she was at the Al-Hawl refugee camp and pleaded to come back to Britain with her newborn son Jerah.

Fatima told the Stylist she can trace her hatred against Britain to when she was only 11-years-old and was attacked by a gang of girls who ripped off her headscarf.

She said: ‘The whole time, they were screaming that I was a P**i b***h. Then they refused to give my headscarf back.’

However after years of abuse in the streets and at work Fatima finally lost her faith in Britain when a pregnant Muslim friend was kicked to the floor.

She said: ‘This gang of girls called her a failed abortion and then threatened to kick her unborn child to death in her stomach to eliminate Muslim babies.’

While at school she said girls pretend to be her friends but then made ‘jokes about my religious father dropping a petrol bomb through their letterbox.’

Despite trying to dress like other pupils by wearing branded trainers alongside her traditional clothing, Fatima couldn’t fit in.

The now 30-year-old explained that as she got older the insults shouted at her became even worse.

Fatima even said her colleagues at a supermarket would ‘shout “Allahu Akbar” at me sarcastically when they walked past – sometimes even in front of customers.’

Fatima also told the Stylist about life in Syria while she was living with her husband who was also from London.

She said once they arrived in 2015 they were given books which justified the imprisonment of sex slaves, beheadings and the use of pregnant women in fighting.

In 2017 Fatima had a realisation that ‘the solution for violence is never more violence’ and returned to the UK.