‘Universal Credit left me so poor I had sex with married man on Xmas Day for £20’

A single mum left so destitute by Universal Credit she turned to sex work says she can’t escape prostitution and sleeps with 15 men a week.

Charlotte, 27, previously told how she was paid £20 to have sex with a married man on Christmas Day.

She says she now makes £150 a week sleeping with punters while her son is at school.

The south Londoner says without the extra income she’d face eviction, having previously been left with just £1.64 to live on, The Sun reports.

Universal Credit is the controversial benefits system which combines six payments into one in an effort to make the process smoother. But families are often left waiting more than five weeks for their first payment.

Landlords have reported increases in evictions since the system began to be rolled out.

Despite the numerous reported issues the government is moving forward with its plans – one million people already claim and by 2023 nearly seven million are set to be on it.

Charlotte says she began selling sex for just £10.

The former housekeeper added: “At times I have had to sleep with men for some change – just £10 or £20 so I can buy some food in Iceland, just so my son doesn’t go hungry

Charlotte struggled to get her eight-year-old son a birthday present but said he was happy with the model truck he was bought as she’d had to sell many of his toys to pay the bills.

She gave up her job as she couldn’t pay for child care and moved onto Universal Credit in January last year.

The wait for her first payment saw her fall £500 behind on rent and she was threatened with eviction.

She now gets £467-a-month of benefits after rent and debts are paid and says at one point after the rest of her bills were paid she had just £1.64 a day for her and her son to live on.

Her son’s father doesn’t pay anything and the news £600 paid to tide her over when she first moved on to the system would have to be given back crippled her finances further.

The aspiring author said: “I can’t talk to anyone. It’s the guilt mainly. My family don’t know – they wouldn’t be happy. They’d be angry, furious, upset. They would be so judgemental.

“My son still doesn’t know about what I do for money either.”

The Department for Work and Pensions says it has been quick to deal with criticisms of Universal Credit by continuing to pay Housing Benefit for two weeks after people move on to the new system.