UK’s most hated cyclist rages at drivers as he patrols roads

BRITAIN’S most hated cyclist has been filmed raging at drivers as he attempts to clean up the UK’s roads in a new documentary.

Dave Sherry is notorious for capturing motorists on tape who break the rules as he cycles around with a camera strapped onto his helmet to catch them out.

And Sherry claims tensions on Britain’s roads have forced him to even wear body armour to protect himself from angry drivers, saying motorists had previously pulled a knife on him.

The cyclist, from Essex, said he had first started his vigilante work after “some idiot” hit him on his bike several years ago.

He explained: “When the copper said ‘it’s your word against his, I thought yeah, I’ll turn those tables around.”

And he said he now wants to help to raise awareness for just how dangerous the roads can be for cyclists.

With a string of successful prosecutions under his belt, Sherry tells Channel 5’s Cyclists: Scourge of the Streets? he feels “no guilt” for carrying out his vigilante work.

The bus driver regularly tells drivers he will “see them in court” as he rides up alongside them in the hope of exposing them on their mobiles.

But while discussing Sherry’s work, the documentary will also examine the point of view of drivers who claim cyclists are a “scourge”.

Footage aired in the documentary’s trailer shows a cyclist going through a red light, almost hitting a pedestrian, as well as one man on a bike holding a large pole, veering in between cars on the road near Westminster.

Another clip shows a group of youths clogging up the road as they do wheelies on the road in front of cars at a busy London intersection.

One Surrey local claimed cyclists have pooed in front gardens and left the roads strewn with mess – particularly in hotspots like Box Hill in the North Downs in Surrey.

The hill has attracted thousands of cyclists hoping to ride on the same course as their heroes after it was used in the 2012 London Olympics.

Resident Ian says: “They come along, drink their drinks, throw their bottles on the ground, leave their rubbish behind, defecate in people’s front gardens and go back home again.”

The show explores how cyclists and drivers are at war, with some arguing that cyclists should face compulsory insurance to be on the roads.

The documentary has already sparked controversy ahead of its release on Tuesday.

Many have flagged concerns it will simply fan the flames of the war between cyclists and motorists.

One cyclist who was knocked off his bike, Michael Rammell, wrote: “I appreciate that the title of the programme was always going to be inflammatory to attract all parties, but we need to understand just how damaging this programme is for all.

“This will stoke the flames of aggression, possibly in both directions. We’re all road users and need to simply get along.”

And another cyclist added: “Having a show like this is not helpful to moms like me (or any other human)- who CYCLE. We are human beings. Parents, families. friends. colleagues. HUMANS.”

A third said: “I’m worried that the programme you’re showing ‘Cyclists, Scourge of the Streets’ will increase animosity against me as I cycle to work. I lack the protection of a metal caged vehicle and when people drive dangerously around me, the threat to my life is real.”

Last month, a cyclist who crashed into a yoga teacher after she stepped into the road while staring at her phone was ordered to pay up to £100,000 in compensation and court costs.