UK heatwave will be back next week with Britain sizzling once again

BRITS are set to enjoy another warm weekend as temperatures are still sizzling today.

The Met Office predicts dry and sunny spells across England, with temperature highs of 26C to 28C in East Anglia, London and parts of Kent.

But weather forecasters say there could be frequent showers in the North as well as in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said: “It will be nowhere near as hot as yesterday; today we’re looking at 26 to 28 degrees in East Anglia, London and parts of Kent.

“Some places will see showers with bursts of 10 to 15millimetres in an hour, but it won’t be especially heavy.”

The “massive drop in temperature” will finish off the weekend and will stay throughout the week until next Friday and Saturday as the mercury is set to rise again to the high 20s – in some places as high as 27C.

This may come as a welcome relief for some after temperatures soared to 34C on Saturday making it the hottest day of the year.

The mercury hit 34C in Northolt, Middlesex, as Britain basked in a heat wave.

Brits made the most of the sun by firing up BBQs while others headed to the beach and gathered in beer gardens.

The A50 dual carriageway melted near Foston, Derbys. yesterday, causing hours of delays and a down pour of “blood rain” in Scotland left an orange dust on cars.

But on Saturday night, 15.8mm of rain fell in Edinburgh during a thunderstorm while thunder was heard as low in Leicester.

Luke Miall, Met Office forecaster, told The Sun Online this week will start with two different forecasts.

He said: “Looking like quite a quiet week of weather for much of the UK.

“The week will start as a North-South split. The North will see breezy conditions and showers, but nothing too heavy.

“Anywhere north of Manchester and even Northern Ireland will see some showers, but it will mostly be in North West Scotland.

“The rest of the South and Wales is looking fine with plenty of spells of sunshine on Monday with temperatures in the low 20s.”