UK faces Brussel sprout shortage for Xmas

Heavy rain has caused a UK-wide shortage of cauliflowers.

Other brassicas, such as cabbage and broccoli, have also had a bashing as fields became waterlogged.

Even the Brussels sprouts supply for Christmas dinners is at risk after a 6in deluge in one June week hit crops in Lincolnshire, warn farmers.

Single or large caulis are “currently unavailable” at Tesco’s online site – which, along with Sainsbury’s, has only organic ones on sale.

British Growers Association boss Jack Ward said: “Some producers had a year’s work destroyed in that one week of rain.

“The shortage of cauliflowers could last for another three weeks, possibly extending to broccoli.

The unprecedented rain affected lots of young plants, so problems with brassicas across the board are likely into winter.”

It is unclear if shortages will lead to price rises but Mr Ward suggested retailers will try to keep costs consistent.