Two men ‘shouted “be a good woman” as they raped drunk reveller

Two men prowled a city centre looking for drunk and vulnerable victims to sexually assault before raping a woman in a car, a court heard.

Najirul Miah, 20, and Syed Ahmed, 21, were parked outside a takeaway in Sunderland when the alleged victim asked for a lift, believing they were in an unlicensed taxi.

When she offered to pay them to take her home the pair drove her to a deserted street where they took it in turns to rape her in the back of the car, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Prosecutors say driver Ahmed and passenger Miah were loitering in the area to ‘deliberately target drunk and vulnerable women in order to take advantage of their vulnerability and commit sexual offences on them.’

Prosecutor Paul Cleasby told the court the woman became separated from a friend after a night out in the early hours of April 10, 2016.

Her phone ran out of battery and she was unable to find a taxi, the court heard.

Mr Cleasby said: ‘Had she been sober, she would, of course, have had second thoughts about approaching this vehicle but she was affected by alcohol and wasn’t thinking straight.

‘The prosecution say she was in a particularly vulnerable state and the defendants, who were the occupants of the silver vehicle, would have recognised her vulnerability immediately.

‘It is the prosecution case that those defendants had, in fact, parked at that location in order to target drunk and vulnerable women, in order to take advantage of their vulnerability and commit sexual offences upon them.’

The court heard once the woman was in the back of the car, she was driven in the opposite direction of her home and ‘quickly realised something was wrong.’

Mr Cleasby said the men demanded more money than the woman had and she handed over her bag to them.

He added: ‘She thought to herself, she was in trouble here. The situation she was in was dangerous.’

During the rape, she ‘tried to block out what was happening to her’, and was ordered by the men to ‘be a good woman’ and told ‘you’ve got to do this’.

When both men had finished, the woman was dragged out of the car and abandoned at the roadside.

Mr Cleasby added: ‘The defendants, both having raped her, left her on the ground and they drove off, leaving her in the secluded area, miles from her home.’

The court heard the men kept the victim’s handbag, which they ‘callously’ discarded.

The woman knocked on a number of doors before one was answered and she told the occupant she had been raped and robbed.

Ahmed, from Sunderland, denies rape, false imprisonment and theft of the complainant’s belongings.

Miah, also from Sunderland, denies three counts of rape, a sexual assault and false imprisonment. He admitted theft.

During police interviews, the men claimed the woman had offered to do sexual acts in return for being taken home. The trial continues.