Twisted mum and boyfriend ‘tied up, raped and beat daughter, 4, to death’ then told cops she drowned in swimming pool

A MOTHER who claimed her four-year-old daughter had drowned in a swimming pool has been arrested for her rape and murder.

Viviana Beatriz Roldan, 25, and lover Federico Sebastian Espinoza, 23, came under suspicion after taking the lifeless child to hospital

Doctors tried to revive little Bianca Xiomara Godoy but she was already dead, according to reports in Argentina.

She reportedly had signs of violence including injuries to her face, chest, ankles and wrists.

Hospital staff in Canuelas, near Buenos Aires, called cops who questioned the child’s mother and her boyfriend.

Prosecutors later ordered the formal arrest of the couple and sent a forensic team to the family home.

Police believe Bianca suffered a violent blow to the head, probably while eating, which caused her to choke.

The forensic team also found evidence of longstanding sexual abuse.

Her injuries were consistent with being bitten and lashed with a belt, and there weer signs she had been restrained by the wrists and ankles.

And there were internal injuries suggesting she had been anally raped.

One shocked policeman told local media: “What they did has no name.

“I still have not dared to see the photos of the body.”

Bianca’s biological father, an aunt and a neighbour told police the girl had suffered from violence at the hands of Roldan and Espinoza, including being beaten with a hose.

The suspects have been charged with murder and detained in custody pending a trial.