Train passenger knocked out after spitting at man through closing doors

A man who spat through the closing doors of a metro train was severely beaten after his target powered his way out of the carriage.

A video of the shocking incident shows a man with a large rucksack on walking up to a train on the New York subway.

As the doors close he leans forward and spits through the gap, twice hitting another man in the face.

The spitter turns and begins to walk down the platform of Manhattan’s 34th Street station.

He doesn’t get very far before the spat at man bursts out of the carriage after prising the doors open.

As he lunges towards the man someone behind the camera cries “Ohh, he didn’t. It’s over, It’s over.”

The spitter appears to regret his decision, stumbling backwards several steps as the taller man comes towards him.

His cap is dislodged by the first of several punches that see him quickly knocked to the floor.

The man’s just fury turns a little sour however when he crouches over the spitter, connecting several heavy blows to the head.

As concerned on-lookers begin to suggest he shouldn’t continue beating the man, he’s kicks him in the head, collects his plastic bag and walks away.

While the spitter lies motionless on the floor the other man shouts goading insults at him from along the platform.

New York Police Department are yet to comment on the incident.