Tommy Robinson is UK’s best-funded politician with £1m house and sunken hot tub

Tommy Robinson owns a luxury £1million home and has become Britain’s best-funded politician after he was jailed last year.

The 35-year-old has reportedly boasted that he received “probably in excess of £350,000” in donations in just two weeks.

Robinson – who presents himself as the voice of the “forgotten people” – said he made “a hell of a lot of money, [an] unbelievable amount of money” in 2018, reports the Sunday Times.

Tommy , who faces fresh proceedings for contempt of court this month, also claimed to have a “pot in excess of a few hundred thousand pounds” despite “spending £300,000 for the police and legal battles”.

He was sentenced to 13 months in prison for contempt of court in May 2018 for streaming a video outside Leeds Crown Court.

This was challenged and he was released on bail in August.

According to the Sunday Times, the disclosures were made in a “little seen video” posted by Robinson last autumn.

The claim implies that supporters have given Robinson more than £600,000 in three years, making him the most generously funded political activist in Britain.

Robinson also enjoys a comfortable lifestyle after moving from his native Luton into a £950,000 gated house elsewhere in Bedfordshire.

The luxury pad has six bedrooms, four bathrooms and also features a sunken hot tub and underfloor heating.

It’s alleged Robinson said he has to “work out the tax implications” of the donations.

If treated as gifts rather than donations he could avoid paying tax.

In the video it’s claimed Robinson said that he intends to use the money to sue the governor of the prison where he was held, Cambridgeshire police and media organisations including Sky News and The Sunday Times.

Robinson’s solicitor, Alison Gurden, said she was not in a position to speak about any potential legal action.

In the video, Robinson says his holidays are funded by his bestselling books.

He also says that critics believe that because he’s working class, “I should be confined to living in a council house, I should be confined to driving a basic car, I should be confined to going to a Haven [holiday camp]”.

He says he bought his home after selling seven houses he had owned in 2014, and that he then spent £200,000 on a plot of land with the help of money borrowed by his parents.

He then spent 18 months building the house himself, he says.

Robinson was jailed in May for prejudicing the trial of alleged Muslim child sex groomers by live streaming from outside the court.

The case will be reheard this month.