Tommy Robinson arrives in court for sentencing for contempt of court

TOMMY Robinson has today been blasted by the judge after arriving ten minutes late to his contempt hearing as he faces two years in jail for live-streaming a video outside a child grooming court trial.

The EDL founder was this week found to have “encouraged mob rule” when he breached a reporting restriction over the case.

And Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, arrived late for his sentencing at the Old Bailey carrying a bag, while hundreds of supporters gathered outside the court and chanted “Free Tommy”.

In court, Robinson’s barrister apologised for his late arrival, with Dame Victoria Sharp telling him “it’s not a great start”.

The far-right figure today waved his fist and filmed himself as he arrived for his court appearance in a shirt reading “Convicted of Journalism”.

The back of his shirt read “Britain = North Korea” while he wore a badge with the slogan “I support soldiers A-Z”.

City of London Police closed down surrounding roads this morning ahead of the sentencing as crowds waved flags and placards.

Supporters, including women on mobility scooters, took turns making speeches outside court, speaking on megaphones as they claimed Tommy would “die in prison”.

Robinson had previously claimed in court he would be killed in revenge attacks if he was put behind bars.

Passionate supporters also broke off to block off Fleet Street, with pictures showing one man being led away in an apparent arrest by cops.

Katie Hopkins was among those to support Robinson today, pictured hugging him before he walked inside.

It comes after Robinson’s supporters faced off with cops last week when he was found guilty of committing contempt of court.

The two-day hearing at the Old Bailey found the 36-year-old jeopardised the grooming trial by live-streaming men accused of the sexual exploitation of young girls on Facebook, in breach of a reporting ban, outside Leeds Crown Court in May 2018.

Giving reasons for the decision on Tuesday, Dame Victoria said Robinson encouraged “vigilante action” in the video, which lasted an hour-and-a-half and was viewed online 250,000 times on the morning of the broadcast.