Tommy Fury shocks Love Island viewers by revealing year of birth

LOVE Island’s Tommy Fury has left viewers feeling shocked and old by revealing he was born in 1999.

Even though the boxer’s age has never been a secret, many found the year of his birth quite the surprise.

On Saturday night’s Love Island: Unseen Bits, viewers were treated to behind the scenes footage of what happened when Craig David visited the villa.

The islanders – especially Anton – lost their minds when they saw the 38-year-old on the decking for a night of tunes.

Discussing the singer’s many hits, Tommy revealed he was born in the same year that Artful Dodger’s Re-Rewind hit the charts.

The fact blew the minds of the nation as viewers took to Twitter to share their shock.

Honestly I forget that Tommy’s only 20!!!! HE’S MY AGE!! He looks older,” wrote one.

A second added, “i mean, i knew tommy fury was 20 but hearing him say ‘i was born in 1999’. what. the. f**k #LoveIsland”

Ok the fact that tommy is 20 is actually ridiculous, like how?? #LoveIsland,” exclained a third.

Another questioned if it was still alright to find the 20-year-old attractive, and it caused some to re-evaluate their own lives.

“Just found out Tommy Fury was born in 1999. I dunno if I can fancy him anymore #LoveIsland”

Mad how Tommy was born in 99 the same year as me and is a pro Boxer and I’m here below the national average at everything #LoveIsland”

“Still can’t believe tommy is born in 1999. Fing balling in cash, a boxer and is on love island. And I’m here born in 2000 with fk all and no friends😂😂 #LoveIsland

If some viewers, who at just a few years older than Tommy, feel ancient hearing he was born in 1999, imagine how Craig David must have felt – he’s old enough to be Tommy’s DAD.

Other than being the year the boxer was born, 1999 was also notable for: the mass murder at Columbine school, minimum wage being introduced in the U.K. and perhaps most importantly of all, the first Matrix film was released.