Thug who battered toddler to death ‘fears being targeted in prison ‘

A THUG who battered a toddler to death so savagely his bowel burst fears being targeted in prison with homemade napalm, a source reveals.

Kyle Campbell was caged for life yesterday after being convicted of murdering his partner’s three-year-old son Riley Siswick.

The squirming brute fears he is “public enemy number one” and is terrified he will be sent to Wakefield prison – dubbed Monster Mansion because it’s home to some of the UK’s most dangerous men.

He is already on suicide watch – meaning he is unfit to work – and will spend his time alone in his cell watching TV and munching chocolate, an insider claims.

The source said: “He is in tears a lot of the time because he knows that now the court case is over then he’ll be transferred to another prison.

“Wakefield is the most likely destination and he is scared witless.

He says he will be public enemy number one there due to his crime and fears he’ll get slashed or napalmed by other cons.”

The concoction is mixed by prisoners and causes serious burns when chucked on skin.

During his trial, Campbell was kept at Category B HMP Leeds but now he has a murder conviction, he fears he will rot in nearby top security jail Wakefield.

The prison currently holds Lee Rigby’s killer Michael Adebowale, Soham Killer Ian Huntley and Sarah Payne’s killer Roy Whiting.

Little Riley was found dead two days after he was injured by Campbell at his Huddersfield home in February 2016.

The little boy had been injured in his abdomen “either from a fist, or by jumping or stamping on him or by striking him with an object”, the court previously heard.

The blow is said to have injured Riley so severely that his bowel was severed, spilling its contents internally, which caused peritonitis – a life-threatening infection.

Riley eventually died from the peritonitis and hypovolemic shock due to fluid loss.

Paramedics were eventually called to the house but Riley was already dead on his bed soaked in his own urine

Riley’s mum Kayleigh Siswick chose to protect her killer boyfriend by failing to raise the alarm about the toddler’s acute and deteriorating condition which “would have been obvious” to anyone.

She was convicted of causing or allowing the death of a child and was jailed for seven years yesterday.

The judge said Campbell’s actions were “an appalling act of selfish cruelty which condemned Riley to a slow and painful death and deprived him of any residual chance he had of survival”.