The Facebook ‘deadline’ hoax is doing the rounds – make sure you ignore it

If you see a message on Facebook saying there’s a deadline approaching and after it passes everything you’ve posted becomes public, don’t pay any attention to it.

According to user reports this message has been floating around a few feeds over the last few days.

It says you can only stop Facebook from making all your content public if you copy and paste the text into your own feed.

Naturally, it’s yet another hoax.

Here’s the full text:

Facebook may have its ongoing issues with privacy, but no amount of posting any kind of words on your feed is going to obligate the social network to treat your information any differently.

While the company doesn’t own the explicit rights to your content – if you took a photo it’s still yours – it does have the right to gather information about how you use the site and do pretty much whatever it wants with that information. Which is why Facebook is ostensibly free to use.

We’re not quite sure why the ‘deadline’ message is doing the rounds again at the beginning of 2019. The fact it mentions Facebook being public dates it at around 2012 when the company had its IPO. Either way, it’s as fake now as it was then, so pay it no mind.