The Chase contestant bursts into tears as team ‘destroy’ The Sinnerman and win £29,000

A contestant on The Chase burst into tears tonight after her team “destroyed” The Sinnerman and took home £29,000 between them.

Natasha, from Harpenden, got emotional after she nailed her cash builder and their team scooped an impressive cash sum, delivering a “total wipeout” of Chaser Paul Sinha.

Paul didn’t even get halfway down the board in the final Chase after answering three consecutive questions wrong and running out of time.

The contestants, made up of Oxford undergraduate Sydney, chocolate maker David, new mum Natasha and accountant Martyn, were hailed “the best team” after achieving EIGHT push backs.

And Natasha, who is married to a Michelin star chef and has a ten-month-old baby at home, couldn’t believe the result as she cried when Bradley Walsh congratulated them.

He said: “Well played, you’re an exceptional team. Natasha you alright darling? Overwhelmed?”

I’m just really happy,” she replied through giggles.

He turned to The Sinnerman, who looked deflated as he said: “From the moment that Martyn came out and nailed those eight questions in the cash builder, I thought, ‘I’m in for a hard game here’. Well done.

Viewers at home praised them for the outstanding result.

One person said: “That’s the best/strongest team I’ve ever seen on @ITVChase #TheChase”

And one remarked: “Well, the Sinha man just got his very knowledgeable arse kicked didn’t he? Doesn’t happen often”

Another said: “Proper TV that. Doesn’t get much better”