Tesco unveil battered sprouts on Christmas menu

It gets earlier every year, and 2019 is proving to be no exception when it comes to all-things Christmas.

Tesco are the newest retailer to get in on the festive act and have revealed they’ll be launching a Brussels sprout with a difference in the coming months.

Being the sort of food substance which people either love or hate, people are bound to have an opinion about these too.

As part of its Christmas menu, Tesco have unveiled battered Brussels sprouts bites.

The sprouts are covered in a light, crispy friend batter, are vegan friendly, come with a cranberry dip and are a bargain at £3 for 240g.

But if you’re drooling in anticipation then, sorry, you’re going to have wait a bit longer.

The Brussels sprouts bite will hit shelves and online on December 9, and will be joined by some delicious-sounding mozzarella and pesto arancini balls, which will also cost £3.