Terrified witnesses beg mum ‘don’t jump’ as her baby falls 18ft from open window

HORRIFIED witnesses begged “don’t jump” at a screaming mum after her baby was left in a pool of blood when it plummeted 18ft from an open window.

The tot – believed to be around a year old – is currently fighting for life in hospital after falling from his home in Luton, Beds, at around 1pm.

Hero onlookers rushed to the baby’s aid after he was left “face down and bleeding” on the street below.

They were alerted to the horror by the “destroyed” mum screaming from the open window.

Coffee shop manager Emil Mitrofan, 43, said: “I was outside with others and we had a van on the street and were unloading groceries to bring inside.

“Suddenly we heard a loud scream. We thought a man must be beating his wife because we could see the woman at the window and it looked like she wanted to jump out.

People were below on the pavement saying ‘Don’t jump, don’t jump.’

“The child was below her on the pavement quite still.”

Another witness, barber Albert Constantin, 32, said: “I rushed out and he was bleeding and I think he was face down. It was awful.

“I could hear the mum from above shouting from the window calling for help.”

The crowd called 999, who raced to the scene along with police and later rushed the baby to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Bedfordshire Police said: “Emergency services have attended an incident in which a toddler has fallen from a first floor flat in Wellington Street, Luton.

“Anyone who was in the area at the time or who witnessed the incident is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference 180 of today (27 June).”

It came as temperatures across the country soared to 28C today.