Terrified mum and daughter, 4, ‘cheat death’ as glass panel falls from roof and almost hits them

A TERRIFIED mum has revealed she and her four-year-old daughter “cheated death” after a glass panel fell from the roof of a Hamilton pet store and shattered around them.

Amy Bryant, 24, had been in Pets at Home on Sunday afternoon with little daughter Emily and parents Mary and David before her lucky escape.

The family had been inside the shop when they wandered outside before the horrific moment where the panel almost landed on top of them.

And Amy explained how a moment of sheer panic and terror poured over her at the thought of the glass landing on her tiny girl.

Speaking exclusively to Scottish Sun Online, she said: “We were just walking out of the Pets at Home and literally less than seconds after we walked under the glass, the full panel fell straight down behind us and smashed everywhere, all over the ground.

“I’ve turned and grabbed Emily to pull her away.

We just stood in shock for a minute.

“It was literally a split-second of a difference, which is terrifying.

It’s like we’ve cheated death.

“For me, my first thought was ‘what if Emily had been walking that tiny bit behind us’, as kids often do.

“The panel is massive as well.

Would she have stood a chance against it?

“She’s so small, there’s no chance she would’ve stood a chance.”

Emily explained how “fate” kept her daughter and loved ones safe after the incident, which could have been life-threatening.

And she added that her mum and dad’s playful nature is what saved her daughter’s life – as they’d been joking around over a raffle prize she’d won in store.

She said: “It was all absolute relief, disbelief, shock.

I was speechless, we had been walking in a line as Emily had won a raffle inside the store.

“My dad David and mum Mary were having a wee carry and were saying ‘I want to see it, that’s mine!’ and we’re so thankful we’ve had that wee joke.

“It was almost like fate, someone must be looking down on us.”

She added: “I’ve been back since but have had to change where I walk, I’ll never walk under those panels again.

“I hope something is done about them fast to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.”

Pictures of the scene were taken by Emily showing how staff at the shop had cordoned off the surrounding area.

South Lanarkshire Council and Pets at Home have both been approached for comment.