Terrified couple find hysterical half-naked woman ringing their doorbell at 3am begging for help…. Only for her to vanish moments later

A COUPLE was woken up in the early hours of the morning by a half-naked woman who was shouting: “help someone is getting me”.

The woman, who had a pink top on and nothing else was swaying and pacing the front porch, rang on the doorbell of Angelica Rodriguez’s home in Pasadena, Texas.

Visibly shaken, the woman was caught on the camera attached to Angelica and her husband’s door.

The stranger was calling out for help, whilst she was throwing her body around, rocking her arms back and forward.

Speaking to ABC7, she said: “I didn’t think of opening the door. I was scared.

“It could have been a trap or something else.”

The most bizarre thing was as soon as Angelica told her husband to call the police she was gone.

Her concerned daughter-in-law Brenda Rodriguez said: “Honestly, I’m glad they didn’t open the door.

Their safety comes first. We don’t know what her intentions were.”

After Brenda posted the video on social media a few people said that they recognised the woman.

She has sent the footage to the cops so they can investigate the situation.