Susanna Reid meets the death row killer who refuses to apologise for triple murders

This is the chilling moment Susanna Reid came face to face with a triple killer who is on death row for murdering his wife’s family.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was shocked by Billie Wayne Coble’s lack of remorse days before he was executed.

Coble had spent 30 years on death row after the August 1989 shootings of his wife’s parents Robert and Zelda Vicha and their son Bobby in Texas.

But when Susanna, 48, asked what he thought of the gruesome slayings, 70-year-old Coble just smiled.

“To some people it matters,” he said.

“To me it really no longer matters.”

And he wouldn’t offer an apology to the family.

OK, if you want me to give some type of, like, rehearsed apology or something, I mean, I’ve already said that I regret what happened,” he said.

“Now I fully regret what happened. But I also truly regret a lot of things in life.”

In February, former electrician Coble became the oldest inmate executed by Texas since the state resumed carrying out capital punishment in 1982.

His moving interview with Susanna is part of spine-chilling ITV doc Death Row: Countdown To Execution. In the two-part series, the presenter speaks to various death row inmates.

But most, including Coble, say they aren’t scared of dying.

“It depends on how long a person has already lived. The longer you’ve lived, the easier it is to accept death,” the Vietnam War veteran said.

The grandfather was convicted of capital murder in 1990 after shooting dead his estranged wife’s family.

Prosecutors said Coble, distraught over his pending divorce, kidnapped his wife, Karen Vicha.

He was arrested and later freed on bond.

Nine days after the kidnapping Coble went to Karen Vicha’s home, where he handcuffed and tied up her three daughters and J.R. Vicha.

He then went to the homes of Robert and Zelda Vicha, 64 and 60 respectively, and Bobby Vicha, 39, who lived nearby, and fatally shot them.

Susanna Reid features in Death Row: Countdown To Execution which starts on ITV at 9pm on Thursday.