Suicidal Teen fined for trying to kill herself

A teen who threatened to jump to her death off a motorway bridge while grieving for the loss of her mother has been convicted by a court of causing a “public nuisance.”

Police were repeatedly called out over fears Kady Lee, 18, was about throw herself into the path of traffic travelling along the M602 at Eccles near Manchester.

In the latest incident on April 27, the college student had to be talked to safety by a police constable after she stood on a ledge just 12 inches wide saying: “My life isn’t worth living.”

The motorway had to be closed for around 20 minutes whilst a total of 16 officers dealt with the incident.

Inquiries revealed Lee, of Swinton, had earlier left a hospital where she had been admitted for a self harm incident.

Police also recognised her as they had been called out on five previous occasions to save her when she threatened to jump off the same bridge.

Lee said she was mourning the death of her mother who died suddenly last May aged just 47.

But prosecutors said almost 1,000 motorists were delayed and taxpayers would have to pay £560 towards the costs of policing the incident.

At Manchester magistrates court, Lee admitted an offence of “cause a nuisance to the public by threatening to jump off the motorway bridge.'”

She was ordered her to complete a 12 month community order and told she had caused ”massive inconvenience.”

Prosecutor Miss Tess Kenyon told the hearing: “On Saturday April 27th, a police constable attended an incident on the bridge which crosses the M602.

There were reports of a woman on the wrong side of the barrier hanging over the motorway below and when the officer arrived on the scene there was a group of people talking to Miss Lee.

“She was standing on a concrete ledge with the railings behind her with the ledge being about 12 inches in width. The railings are around four feet in height which she will have scaled and the distance to the motorway is around 40 feet.

“The officer recognised Kady Lee as this was the sixth time police have been called to the same location for the same sort of incident.

“The M602 was brought to a standstill and some roads around the area were closed for the safety of other road users and people dealing with the situation.

The officer states she had attended Salford Royal Hospital for self harm earlier that day. She left the hospital before she had spoken to staff.

“Officers on the M602 had started to turn the traffic round to get them back to the nearest junction. Miss Lee then walked back along the ledge, came over the railings and was seen to by emergency workers.

“The motorway was closed for between 15 and 20 minutes.”

Miss Kenyon added: “Around 16 police officers assisted and the incident went on for 90 minutes at least. Two officers from the police negotiation team attended and the financial implications of that was around £560.

“The impact on other road users is hard to estimate. Motorists impacted including everyone from regular road users to heavy goods vehicle drivers.

“Calculations can estimate that between 450-900 vehicles were impacted. The defendant was returned to hospital and assessed further.

“But this same incident has occurred five times before throughout February and March of this year – same place same circumstances. She has no criminal convictions but there were five previous incidents like this one.”

In mitigation defence lawyer Peter Broderick said: “My client has been recorded as saying she ‘has nothing to live for’. There is sadness surrounding her life but there’s no need to go into detail in open court.

“On May 17 last year she lost the most important person in her life and in January of this year she lost her grandmother who she was very close with and who was very important to her.

“In April this year she lost her uncle who again was a very important influence in her life. All of these hardships got the better of her and this is why she has acted like this. She has been admitted to a care facility to support her from the middle of last year until February this year

But she suffers from an unstable personality disorder. Recently there has been some improvements made to her living space and she does feel more at home there.

“She is hitherto of good character. his is the first time she has appeared in court and she should be given maximum credit for her early guilty plea. She is a low risk to the public.”

Lee was also ordered to pay £200 in costs and surcharges.

JPs told Lee: ”A community order is the recommendation and that is what we have decided on. Use this well to deal with your bereavement.

This has caused a massive inconvenience to the public and no one wants to be subject to this sort of inconvenience.

“You must move forward with your life. This sort of behaviour doesn’t cause anyone any good least of all you. Don’t find yourself in breach of payments or not attending appointments with probation.

“If you do you will find yourself back in court and you don’t want to be back here do you?”

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