‘ Sickening injuries of four-month-old baby boy at the hands of evil couple who broke TWENTY-EIGHT of tiny tot’s bones

AN EVIL couple left a four-month old baby boy with sickening injuries – breaking TWENTY-EIGHT of his bones, a court heard.

Adam Jendrzeczak, 32, and Aleksandra Kopinska, 22, used “significant force” to fracture his arms, ribs, knees and ankles

The couple had left the baby in “immense pain”, following the horrific abuse at a flat in Brighton, and even tried to hide the injuries from doctors for weeks.

But in February 2017, when the boy was taken to hospital with a broken arm, they were arrested after telling medics at Royal Sussex County Hospital that he tripped on a raised corner of carpet.

Judge Christine Henson, who jailed the pair at Hove Crown Court today, said: they showed “wicked cruelty towards a tiny baby”, The Argus reported.

Jendrzeczak, who appeared “remorseless” in court, has a previous conviction for domestic violence, said to be against his mum.

Jendrzeczak was described as “controlling” and possessing “high levels of anger”.

Kopinska was reportedly asked if she had been a victim of domestic violence as she was said to have a “passive and subdued” character.

Prosecutor Ryan Richter told the court: “[At the hospital], it was then revealed [the baby] had further and extensive injuries, including 20 fractures to his ribs, fractures to both of his knees and both of his ankles.

“Expert evidence showed the injuries were caused by significant force.”

Police said the child will not have long-term physical issues, and he is said to be “developing well”.

The judge blasted Kopinska for “continuing to be unwilling to acknowledge the damage caused” to the baby.

Judge Henson concluded: “This was a gross abuse of trust. The baby had no abnormality or diseases which could have led to these injuries.

‘They were non-accidental, they were deliberately caused and required significant force to inflict. They would have caused immense pain.”

They have been jailed for eight years for assaulting or neglecting a child and causing unnecessary suffering, and for causing or allowing a child to suffer serious physical harm.

Jendrzeczak must serve an extended sentence, and will only be considered for parole after serving two thirds of his sentence