Shopping center evacuated as shoppers scream and run in panic

SHOPPERS were seen screaming in terror and fleeing the Manchester Arndale centre in fear of a shooter.

Police scrambled to the scene following reports of a ‘man with a gun’ at 1.20pm today.

Reports on social media claim dozens had swarmed the building creating “mass panic” in the area.

The Twitter user, ‘cowbiscuits’ said: “In the Arndale and everyone just ran screaming.

“Everyone being evacuated and police all over. They were ordered to evacuate the building.”

Andy Appleby added: “Sat enjoying a subway salad in Manchester Arndale foodcourt, crazy man gets on a table shouting and mad panic ensures.

“Not sure what happened but the rumours are flying.”

Another witness described a male standing on a table shouting that he had “something to show everyone” before people began running.

Steph tweeted: “Always fun when you’re stood in the Manchester Arndale food court and a kid gets up on a table, starts shouting and taking his clothes off and everyone panics and runs off…never seen somewhere empty so quickly.

“He was telling everyone to be quiet and was asking for everyone’s attention then started taking his top off etc… then some security came but he ran off and then everyone ran.”

Nicola believes the man in question “was probably drunk”.

She tweeted: “A probably drunk person strips on a table in the food court and there is a mass panic & evacuation.. glad it’s not a real issue.”

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed there was no one with a firearm.

Instead it was “a disturbance involving a group of youths”.