Shocking pics show huge 61lb tumour on cancer patient’s back that had been growing for 30 YEARS

SHOCKING pics show how a huge 61lb cancerous tumour engulfed a pensioner’s entire back.

The 15kg fleshy mass clung to a 68-year-old cancer sufferer, named only as Mr Tang, for more than 30 years before it was removed by hero docs this month.

Brave surgeons in Shanghai, China, operated for more than a DAY to successfully remove the enormous growth.

For years, desperate Mr Tang had begged several medics to help him.

But he was repeatedly turned away due to his extremely complex condition, local media reported.

The 33in x 25in tumour is said to have “clung to his lungs, spine and major blood vessels” – making an op to remove it incredibly difficult.

But following a near-fatal rupture and heavy bloody loss, Dr Yang Jun agreed to carry out the precarious procedure.

The marathon 33-hour surgery began on April 1 and saw the expertise of Dr Yang and a team of medics at Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital battle to delicately remove the mass.

Dr Yang said major blood loss during surgery was “unavoidable” due to the interconnected tissue between the tumour and the patient’s vital organs.

Mr Tang was deemed critical numerous times during the tense operation.

But in the end the procedure was deemed a total success.

Surgeons were not only able to remove the entire cancerous growth – they were even able to cover his wounds using healthy tissue from the exterior of the tumour.

Mr Tang was kept in intensive care for four days following the operation – and was eating normally on the fifth day.

He was transferred out of the ICU on day six and is now able to walk unaided.