Shocking moment Girls arm gets sucked into an escalator after she forgets to let go of the handrail

A young girl’s arm was swallowed up by an escalator in China after she forgot to let go of the handrail.

The video, taken in the city of Hanchuan in the country’scentral Hubei Province shows the five-year-old riding the escalator up to the next floor with her mother.

The video, taken on Monday, shows the girl with her left hand placed firmly on the rubber handrail.

But she does not let go as she reaches the floor above and the handrail rolls back underneath the floor panel.

The girl crouches down at the escalator exit and her left arm is suddenly sucked into the mechanism together with the disappearing handrail.

The poor girl is then left lying helplessly on the floor as her arm remains trapped inside the escalator.

Her mother is also nearby but can do nothing to free her trapped forearm.

A man can be seen holding out his phone in front of the terrified girl so she has something to watch to distract her from the pain.

Members of the local fire service rescued the girl in just 10 minutes by dismantling the plastic housing surrounding the handrail conveyor system.

The child’s hand was cut and swollen, for which she was given stitches at a local hospital, but she fortunately escaped serious injuries despite the ordeal.

She is recovering after the accident, but it is still unclear whether the shopping centre has offered to pay for her medical bills.