Shock as Boy, 8 abducts and murders 18-month-old baby

An eight-year-old boy has been accused of murdering an 18-month-old child after abducting him

The unnamed toddler was found murdered in a storm drain in Fatehpur Beri, south of Delhi with severe head injuries and blood coming from the ears.

Police said the murder was meticulously planned and carried out by a boy, 8, known to the victim on Sunday night, after a petty fight with the victim’s sister.

Officers said there had been no sexual assault but said the buy abducted the sleeping toddler from the latter’s house in the dead of night on Sunday, carried him to a nearby drain and threw him in.

Authorities said the boy repeatedly threw stones at the victim then went back home before running away to sleep in a park.

The victim’s mother soon realised her child was missing and raised the alarm while sending search parties out to look for the toddler.

Hours later, officers managed to track down the boy who was sleeping in a local park.

While being questioned by police he revealed that he had abducted the child and thrown the body in a drain.

The boy will be kept at a designated children’s home decided by the Juvenile Justice Board.