Sending Valentine’s Day Cards To Someone You’re Not Dating Is Harassment, Says Expert

With just a matter of hours until Valentine’s Day, time is running out to tell that special someone how you really feel about them.

But before you go and make your big romantic gesture and send somebody a giant teddy bear with your face printed on it, you may want to think again – because apparently some people might think you’re being a bit creepy.

That’s according to sex and dating expert Annabelle Knight, who says you should only send love letters to people you are already in a relationship with.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, she said: “Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. It’s just something that is between two people who are romantically involved, whether that’s long term, short term, or very new.

“Sending out Valentine’s cards to people who (you aren’t dating) is like cold calling, it’s just a little bit unnecessary. It’s hiding behind a holiday to express your intent – if you can’t say the words at any other time of year then you probably shouldn’t say them on Valentine’s Day.”

Not everyone agreed however.

Another relationship expert, Charlotte Rose, said she believed Valentine’s Day was an opportunity for those who struggle to tell people how they feel to come out of their shell and confess their love.

“You’ve got to think that people who don’t have that confidence will save up those 12 months just to be able to send it out on that day and I think taking people’s confidence away…Valentine’s Day and harassment shouldn’t be in the same sentence, they really shouldn’t. I think this is where PC has just gone way too far,” she said.

Viewers took to Twitter to air their views on the debate, with many agreeing that it was ridiculous.

One person wrote: “Oh please can we stop with all this nonsense now, it’s a bit of fun someone showing you they fancy you. I still have 2 cards I got when I was a teenager (I am 40 now) I don’t know who sent them and in no way did I feel harassed.”

A second added: “Wasn’t Valentine’s Day initially all about sending anonymous cards? It’s a bit of fun and people love to receive a card. Harassment my backside!”

A third view said: “It’s getting so we cant speak or interact with anyone for fear of ‘offending’ or ‘harassing’ them. Common sense has left the building.”

If you can’t send really intense messages to strangers on Valentine’s Day, when can you send them?