Schizophrenic who shoved an OAP onto Tube tracks is jailed for life

A SCHIZOPHRENIC crack addict who shoved a 91-year-old former Eurotunnel boss on to the Tube tracks has been caged for life.

Paul Crossley, 47, pushed Sir Robert Malpas on to the rails at Marble Arch station because he had a Pet Shop Boys song in his head.

The thug had travelled to London’s West End because of the band’s hit ‘West End Girls’ on April 27 last year – believing the song contained a “message for him”.

It contains the lyrics: “You think you’re mad too unstable […] Call the police there’s a mad man around, Running down underground.”

Crossley was today caged for life with a minimum of 12 years after being found guilty of two counts of attempted murder.

The second count was for trying to push a second man, Tobias French, on to the tracks at Tottenham Court Road as a train approached.

He was convicted last year but his sentencing was delayed for eight months while detailed psychiatric reports were prepared.

Jurors heard how Crossley had pushed Sir Robert “deliberately” because he “looked odd” and looked unlikely to be able to withstand the attack.

He was saved by teacher Riyah El Hussani who leapt from the platform just one minute before a train was due to arrive.

The pensioner spent a week in hospital with multiple fractures to his right pelvis and lacerations to his skull – as well as suffering emotional damage.

He also needed 12 stitches and described the effect the horror had on his life as “huge”.

After he was arrested, Crossley told cops he’d had “no sleep” after taking £600 worth of crack the previous day.

More to follow…