Royal Family WARNED to ‘take note’ as Meghan Markle more POWERFUL than ever

MEGHAN MARKLE is in a more powerful position than she ever has been a royal historian has claimed.

Although Meghan and Harry are only just coming up to their first wedding anniversary, royal historian Anna Whitelock has claimed the Duchess of Sussex holds a great deal of influence. Moreover, with the Duke and Duchess welcoming Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor to the world this month, Ms Whitelock has insisted it is clear that Harry “dotes” on Meghan. Speaking on Yahoo UK’s The Royal Box, Ms Whitelock also warned the Royal Family must take note of Meghan’s supposed influence over Harry.

Speaking on the programme, Ms Whitelock said: “Meghan holds all the cards.

“I think Meghan now is in a more powerful position than she has ever been.

She’s married to Harry and clearly dotes on her and adores her.

“She clearly has a great deal of influence over him.

She’s now the media darling and now she has a baby.”

Since joining the Royal Family, Meghan has taken an incredibly active role and has carried a multitude of royal engagements both on her own and with Harry.

Even before her relationship with Harry, Meghan was a prominent humanitarian which she juggled with the glitz of her acting career.

Meghan has also been bestowed five patronages by the Queen and is reportedly keen to return to her royal duties as soon as possible.