Royal biographer claims duchess could face ‘take-down plot’ by the Buckingham Palace

A royal biographer has claimed The Duchess of Sussex may face a ‘take-down plot’ by royal courtiers who could see her as a ‘threat’ to the throne.

Anna Pasternak, author of Princess Diana’s autobiography, compared Meghan, 37, to Wallis Simpson, an American socialite whose relationship with the then King Edward VIII caused a constitutional crisis that led to his abdication.

Anna, who is releasing a book on Wallis Simpson, even warned Meghan that Buckingham Palace advisers named ‘the men in grey’ by Princess Diana could ‘plan her downfall’ if they feel her and Harry’s ‘star’ rises too high.

Speaking to S Magazine in the Sunday Express , she said: ‘Meghan is like a grenade that’s been thrown into this archaic system and there are explosions already going on which I think will continue.

In a sense Meghan has rejuvenated the spirit of Wallis and I hope people take the view of her as a kind, witty, loyal and dignified person who unfairly became the most vilified woman in the world.’

Anna then revealed that she ‘worried for Meghan and Harry, who she dubbed the ‘people’s prince like Edward.

She added: ‘I worry for Meghan and Harry. ‘He’s the people’s prince as Edward was the people’s king.

‘I fear if Meghan and Harry’s star rises too high that will be perceived as the courtiers Princess Diana called men in grey as a threat to the heir.’

Anna concluded by advising Meghan to ‘toe the line and support the monarch’, warning her against trying to ‘set the agenda’.

In December a royal expert has revealed that the Duchess of Sussex is facing something of a public backlash because she’s putting herself out on a limb by trying to modernise the monarchy.

Royal biographer Claudia Joseph appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC Two to discuss the public reaction to the pregnant Duchess, and claimed that Kate Middleton received less of a backlash when she joined the royal family due to her ‘quiet nature’.

Speaking alongside fashion designer Amal Fashanu and journalism professor Suzanneh Franks, the panel dissected just why Meghan, 37, is subject to negative rumours that she’s been rude to staff and cut off friends who are no longer useful.

While Amal argued that her race and background have seen her being treated differently to Kate, Suzanneh claimed that her more vigorous approach to the role of Duchess is the reason she’s courted more controversy.

The same month Tom Bower, unauthorised biographer of Prince Charles, spoke out about her passionate nature, appearing on Good Morning Britain