Restaurant diners horrified as bloody fluid from a rotting CORPSE leaks through the ceiling

A THAI restaurant in the US has been forced to close after the remains of a rotting corpse began to drip through the ceiling from the floor above.

Workers at the Siam Corner Thai Kitchen & Pho in Windsor, Connecticut, noticed a bad smell hanging around the eatery late last month.

A search of the premises failed to uncover rotting food, dead rodents or anything else that might be causing it.

There was, however, a weird reddish brown liquid dripping through the ceiling above the front counter that had been unnerving customers.

A welfare check on an apartment upstairs was made by a police officer at the request of a neighbour. The restaurant manager mentioned the foul odour and odd fluid.

Sergeant Ryan Wilder wrote in his incident report: “It appeared that the dripping substance was possibly blood.”

Sgt Wilder and a colleague went to the flat, located directly above Siam Corner on the first floor, and knocked on the door.

The woman who raised the alarm told him she hadn’t seen her neighbour for several days.

The owner of a next door barber shop said he hadn’t seen him in almost a week.

After having failed to get a response, Sgt Wilder and his partner managed to gain entry by climbing through an unlocked window.

Inside, they found the decomposing body of a man lying in bed.

The man was believed to have died in his sleep several days earlier, a paramedic who attended the scene told WSFB.

There was no sign of foul play and police found medications for heart failure and high blood pressure nearby.

Siam Kitchen told customers in a Facebook post it would temporarily close down for renovations, making no mention of the tragic incident.

However, its page has since been inundated with trolls posting news articles about the dead body.

A post-mortem examination found the man died of natural causes.