Red Bull maker launches Snoooze drink designed to help you sleep

IF you’re having trouble sleeping there’s a new drink out there that claims to help – and it’s been founded by the former manager of energy drink Red Bull.

Red Bull may say it “gives you wings” but new drink Snoooze reckons it’ll take you to the land of nod.

The drink has been created using herbs including valerian, passionflower, lemon balm, lime blossom, Californian poppy, hops and peppermint, which are ready mixed with water and sugar.

It promises to bring on restful and natural sleep meaning you wake up feeling fresher.

There are two types – regular, which helps you to relax during the day or fall asleep in the evening – and strong, which says it will ensure you’re well rested for the next day.

If you’re using it to aid sleep, it’s recommended you drink it 30 minutes before bedtime.

Interestingly, the man behind the drink is Hans Vriens, the former managing director of Red Bull, which has the opposite effect on those who guzzle it down.

But it doesn’t come cheap, if you want to give Snoooze a try you usually have to buy a minimum of four 135ml cartons for £11.96 – or £2.99 a carton – via the company’s website.

There is currently an offer on though where you can get a 135ml regular carton and a 135ml strong carton for free – you just have to pay the £2.99 postage and packaging.

Before you try it though bear in mind that Snoooze says it’s not suitable for pregnant women or children, and it adds that it’s not researched how the drink reacts with medication.

So check with your doctor if you take a regular prescription.