Primark just launched a magical new Alice in Wonderland homeware range

Primark has done it again – but a super elegant Alice in Wonderland collection is already in stores

You can always rely on Primark to produce a solid Disney collection, and their latest Alice in Wonderland one is no different.

The affordable high street retailer has just announced a very sophisticated new themed set, that might be its most enchanting yet.

Featuring delicate trinket trays, fluffy throws and pretty cushions, Primark’s new Alice in Wonderland collection means we need to somehow make room for ten new home accessories. Sorry Marie Kondo.

Already in Primark stores all across the country, prices start at just a fiver for the cheapest items in the range, such as the cushion and the jewellery holder.

Scared you’ll want it all? Don’t be. Even if you do splash out on the entire collection, it will only set you back £25 for the lot. That’s like one cushion in M&S.

This is the second Alice in Wonderland collection for Primark, who released a much more cartoon-based range that put famous characters from the books onto handbags – and was very well received.

While not in stores anymore, you can still get your hands on a lot of the previous collection brand new with tags on good old eBay .

Unsurprisingly the Cheshire Cat bag was particularly popular, with the bag now selling for around the £3 mark on eBay , whilst another seller has the whole four-piece coin purse set for £39.99.

Perhaps our favourite item of the lot is the incredibly delicate looking Alice teacup trinket tray, which thank god, doesn’t require you to put any of your staining and boiling hot beverages in.

Featuring an angled handle and a portrait of Alice on the front, it looks exquisite enough to have come straight out of the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

With the tea cup sitting on a pastel blue, polka dot saucer, it’s ideal for storing all your finest jewels (or just that £3 Primark necklace that goes with everything), and will set you back a fiver.

The Alice in Wonderland cushion is set to be another key piece of the range, featuring a pretty design that shows Alice in four separate scenes.

If you’re going for the full Alice in Wonderland makeover, there’s also a very fluffy looking throw with a slightly more subdued design compared to the scatter cushion, which features a lilac background and lots of flowers for £6.

The most expensive item of the lot is a white mug candle, at £7 a pop, which follows the same ditsy floral theme