Pram-pushing mum, 35, beaten unconscious and left for dead by school bully, 13,

A PRAM-PUSHING mum has been beaten and left for dead by a school bully after she complained about him racially abusing her son.

Beronica Ruiz, 35, was violently attacked by a 13-year-old after she complained to the school’s headteacher about three students who threatened her son and told him to “go back to Mexico”.

Ruiz was hospitalised for two days after the student – one of three who had been bullying her son – allegedly jumped her while she was with her baby and her son, 12.

Lawyer Daniel Santiago said: “This was a horrific and brutal attack.

“It takes a certain level of insanity to brutally attack a mother with a stroller and leave her for dead.”

Ruiz was left with a fractured eye socket, bruises and a bloodshot eye that remained red for days after the attack.

A day before the brutal attack took place, Ruiz’s son was taunted in the canteen of Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy School No. 20.

Santiago told “They were chanting ‘Mexicans should go back behind the wall’.

When the young boy replied: ‘We all come from immigrants’ the bullies allegedly threatened violence.”

That evening, Ruiz’s son came home and told her of the horrific threats he had received from his classmates.

She complained to the school’s vice principal, saying that she wanted to know why they didn’t alert her of the abuse aimed at her son.

Santiago said the vice principal admitted to the mother that he should have called them but that he had become busy with other matters.

Santiago added: “That’s a woefully inadequate response. ‘My bad’ is not a good excuse for not calling (the parents), not telling them.”

The headteacher allegedly refused to suspend the student before the attack, saying the boy “had just as much right to an education as her son”.

The teen was only suspended after the boy’s dad, Alfonso Vasquez, contacted Passaic Mayor Hector Lora, reported

Lora said in a statement: “As both a father and a husband I am outraged over this incident. As mayor, these are things you wish would never occur in your city or anywhere.

“This incident is being taken extremely seriously.

“I have met with and spoken personally with the family. I have met with my chief of police, local officials and school administration as well as board members to make sure there is accountability and that this family receives justice as well as any help and resources we can provide.

“The details regarding what led up to this incident remain under investigation.

“However, one thing is very clear: what occurred to this mother is unacceptable and whatever we need to do as a city, as a community, to do better by our families and our children, we will do.”

Santiago said he plans to file a lawsuit against the school on behalf of the family, saying “lawsuits are the only thing that large institutions listen to.”

According to the mayor, the student has been suspended from school and charged with assault.

A spokesman for the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office said the suspect was charged as a juvenile with one count each of aggravated assault and simple assault, and released to the custody of his parents ahead of a Family Court appearance.