Plumber ‘drove at 100mph as girlfriend performed sex act on him’

A PLUMBER was caught speeding with his trousers down as his girlfriend performed a sex act at over 100mph, a court heard.

James Garraway, 31, hit 103mph in a silver Mercedes SLK as he allegedly engaged in a steamy tryst with his partner Jade Abnett.

An unmarked police car gave chase on a dual carriageway and pulled alongside the car, which gave wide-eyed officers a view of the couple who were engaged in oral sex, magistrates heard.

Garraway was arrested and later charged for speeding offences, driving without insurance and driving without due care and attention by “allowing the passenger to perform a sex act on him”.

After the pair were pulled over in Polegate, East Sussex, Sussex Roads Police tweeted: “One of our unmarked units just clocked a Mercedes doing 103mph in #Eastbourne. Imagine our officer’s surprise upon drawing level with it, still at high speed, to find the driver & his lady passenger busily engaged in an act not mentioned anywhere in the Highway Code.

“He’s been reported for his speed, as well as driving without due care & attention.

Plus it turned out he wasn’t insured to drive the car, so we’ve seized it. He’s probably had better nights.”

At Brighton Magistrates Court on Friday Garraway, in a black suit and tie, denied the alleged offences.

David Battaliou, defending, said: “The defendant denies driving without due care and attention, particularly that his partner was performing a sex act.

“He says he was a named driver on a multi-car insurance and we understand this is what the owner of the car understands as well.

His partner Jade Adnett is heavily pregnant and is about to give birth.”

The plumber was driving along the A27 near Polegate, East Sussex, which operates a 70mph speed limit and is notorious for car accidents.

Garraway was clocked by an unmarked police car at 103mph on 13 April last year shortly after 7pm Prosecutor Stephen Day said: “I would ask that this matter goes to trial, we will be calling one witness, PC Langley.

“The police officer followed the car.”

Mr Battaliou added: “We will be calling Jade Abnett and the owner of the vehicle.”

Magistrate Barbara Dart asked: “Was that the woman in the car?”

Mr Battaliou responded: “Yes madam.”

Garraway denies the offences and will stand trial on March 19 at Hastings Magistrates Court.