Piers Morgan Left “Livid” After Ant And Dec Win National Television Award


Never one to shy away from the occasional bit of controversy, Piers Morgan has expressed his outrage after Ant and Dec took home the Best TV Presenters award at the National Television Awards last night.

Basically, the 53-year-old professional blowhard appeared on his own Good Morning Britain programme this morning to suggest that Ant – who has appeared less on television in the last year for various reasons – didn’t deserve the accolade.

Morgan said that he was “livid” with the result. He continued: “Why did Ant and Dec win? I get why Dec won but why did Ant and Dec win? ‘He hasn’t done any work for a year.

“Whatever they do, they win in year in year out. He could do an Andi Peters and sleep in a hammock on a beach for a year.

To be fair, Ant did take a lot of time off last year whilst he sought treatment for substance misuse issues. He was also arrested for drink driving during that time.

Both Ant and Dec were emotional when they received the award – their 18th NTA so far – last night. Ant said: “This is a genuine shock, especially this year.

“I’m shaking. We want to say thank you to everybody, I really don’t feel like I can accept it, the one reason we won this award was this guy, his wit, his funniness, his determination, I love you pal.”

Dec, whilst choking back tears, added: “Thank you so much to everybody who sent kind and thoughtful messages, they kept me going while I was flying the flag for the two of us.

“But this year more than ever thank you to all of you who picked up the phone and voted for us. Special shout out to Dermot for saying he’d throw in the towel if we won, so happy retirement Dermot!”

Ant then rounded off by saying: “It’s good to be back, well done pal!”

Anyway, it’s fair to say that Piers doesn’t share those sentiments. This is something that we should all be upset about. He’d previously said that if Ant and Dec won, he’d take the year off.

Damn it, guys. There was our chance.

Anyway, at least some of Piers’ Good Morning Britain colleagues had a laugh at his expense. Morgan shared a pic of himself with co-presenter Andi Peters in the background giggling that said: “That moment when you lose at the NTAs and your own co-workers find it funny…”

Well, at least he’s not lost his sense of humour. Oh, wait…