Piers Morgan furious as This Morning wins an National Television Award over Good Morning Britain

PIERS Morgan is furious This Morning beat Good Morning Britain to win a National Television Award.

The controversial presenter – who had to take to Twitter last week to apologise for not being dead – put on a thunderous face as his arch rivals Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield scooped the prize for best daytime show

Phillip Schofield said on collecting the award: “Thank you so, so much for voting for us. We never take it for granted. Our This Morning family are amazing.”

Viewers of the awards show loved watching Piers suffer as his rivals collected their award.

One said: “@piersmorgan face!! Gold! Hahaha. Well done @thismorning you deserve the win! Well done @hollywills and @Schofe and @ITV for all your hard work.”

A second wrote: “Piers Morgan’s face when This Morning was announced as the winner is TV gold. This is why we pay our licence fees #NTA2019”

A third added: “Watching Piers Morgan sulking on the NTAs has made my night.”