Pervert plane passenger performs sex act under a blanket on packed flight

SHOCKING footage shows a pervert plane passenger performing a sex act on a Delta Airlines flight in front of other horrified travellers.

The clip was filmed by a person sitting in the same row as the young man who is seen sitting next to the window with blanket covering him.

It is unclear which Delta flight the incident took place on although it appears the journey was somewhere in the US.

Despite covering himself with a sheet, the man left the window blind up meaning sunlight illuminated his solo sex act to other passengers.

The traveller who filmed the incident posted the footage on Twitter.

He wrote: “Absolutely the most foul thing I have ever experienced on a flight.

“I sat next to this kid, and midway through the flight he starts openly masturbating next to us and is dumb enough to have the window up to see right through the blanket.”

Twitter users reacted with a mix of horror and digust at the footage.

One wrote: “I wouldve snatched the blanket.”

Another joked: “Give that man some privacy.”

A third posted: “Sooooo they don’t have bathrooms on planes anymore?”