Paedo livestreamed himself raping baby girl 100 times

AN “INSIDIOUS” paedo who livestreamed himself raping a girl from infancy to the age of six has been caged for a maximum 120 years.

Monster Steven Crook pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

US District Court Judge Stephanie Rose, who sentenced Crook, called his sickening crimes “horrific” and his violent sexual abuse “insidious” and “manipulative”.

She justified what is essentially a life sentence by saying Crook remains “so very dangerous” to children, reported the Des Moines Register.

The Iowa man livestreamed the rapes on a social media app, encouraging his followers to watch the abuse, the paper said.

When cops raided Crook’s home they found electronic devices containing videos of the rapes – with one folder labelled “child porn and baby rape”.

The beast had raped the girl so many times that he had lost count, telling authorities that he had raped his victim an estimated “less than 100 times”, according to police records.

The Attorney’s Office in Iowa said in a press release: “The evidence showed that Crook sexually abused a little girl, sometimes violently, from the time she was an infant until law enforcement rescued the girl from Crook’s home in March 2018, when she was six years old

Crook took photographs and videos of the sexual abuse and, in some cases, livestreamed the abuse.

“In doing so, he encouraged his followers to watch him rape the little girl live on the internet.”

After sentencing, US Attorney Marc Krickbaum added: “Steven Crook will spend the rest of his life in federal prison, where he belongs.

“We want to make sure that other defendants like him, who are a threat to our children, face the stiffest penalty federal law allows.”

Krickbaum also aired a warning at those who remain silent in the face of child abuse, saying: “In this case, sexual abuse went undetected for years because family members failed to report it to authorities.”

He urged “anyone who believes a child may be a victim of abuse, sexual or otherwise, should report the suspected abuse to law enforcement immediately.”