OAP, 67, ‘caught trying to have sex with a horse’ and ordered to stay away from all animals

A PENSIONER was nabbed in a sting after allegedly trying to have sex with a horse — and is now banned from contact with all animals.

Cops arrested James Von Dundas, 67, after he met an undercover animal welfare officer.

He reportedly asked him to set up the “dirty deed” in the historic Balls Bluff Park in Leesburg, Virginia, US.

But when Von Dundas turned up he was met by police and he now faces a charge of attempted carnal knowledge of an animal.

He was released on a £1,900 bond.

But he was banned from having contact with all animals pending his appearance in court next week.

Von Dundas was arrested at after allegedly soliciting a Loudoun County Animal Services officer to arrange for him to have sex with a horse.


The group’s animal control chief Chris Brosan said: “Loudoun County has zero tolerance for criminal acts that include cruel and heinous behaviour towards animals.

We routinely conduct investigations to protect all animals in Loudoun.”

Animal Services director Nina Stively added: “We recognise that proactive investigations are one of the best ways to ensure the community is safe.

“We do not want to wait for crimes against animals to happen, we want to prevent them.”

Von Dundas could be jailed for up to five years and fined almost £2,000 if convicted.

Earlier this year, the Virginia Court of Appeals upheld a ban on bestiality through the crimes against nature law, recognising that animals are not able to provide consent.

Von Dundas, of North Potomac in neighbouring state Maryland, is due to appear at Loudoun County General District Court on Monday.

Balls Bluff Park, where he was arrested, was the scene of one of the largest Civil War battles in Loudoun County.

Sites include a cemetery — the third smallest in the United States.