Nurse held little girl’s hand as she donated organs to save five children’s lives

A NURSE held a 10-year-old girl’s hand as she donated her organs to save the lives of five children.

Ella Thatcher, who battled Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, died last year after a devastating attack.

She was rushed to Evelina London Children’s Hospital but was declared “brain dead”.

So her parents Anna and Mike decided to donate her heart, lungs, liver, pancreas and two kidneys, which have now saved the lives of two children and three adults.

In England, adults will now be presumed to be organ donors unless they opt-out of the scheme.

The Government reckons the bill known as Max and Keira’s Law will save hundreds of lives each year.

Reflecting on her daughter’s last moments, Anna told the Mirror the procedure was done with “so much respect”.

She said: “We knew she wasn’t well but we hadn’t expected that. We were just stunned. We realised she was gone and we didn’t want anyone else to feel like we did.

Before they took her away I was able to lie next to her. The nurse was amazing and agreed to hold her hand throughout the surgery. When she came back she had a lovely blanket over her up to her shoulders.

“You don’t see the scars where she has been neatly sewn together. She just looked asleep and peaceful. It was all done with so much respect.”

Her family thought her seizures – which once occurred 55 times a month – had become under control, until she stopped breathing.

Ella had “severe special needs and the mental age of an 18-month-old but she was happy”, Anna expressed.

Anna has now urged other parents to stop someone else feeling a loss of a loved one.

She added: “I would say to any other parents in that same situation we were; your loved one isn’t there anymore but if you can stop someone else feeling how you are now then just do it.

Max’s family worked tirelessly to change the law even before his successful heart transplant in 2017.

The schoolboy had made his own emotional appeal to the Prime Minister after his mum called for a nationwide “opt out” clause to the register.

Theresa May said she was “delighted” the Organ Donation Act has passed and paid tribute to Max and Keira.

Wales introduced presumed consent in 2015, while Scotland is considering its own reform.