Nurse, 23, felt a burst of pain explode as ‘the Pill triggered two strokes in one week’

A NURSE who suffered two strokes when she was just 23 claims they were triggered by the contraceptive pill.

Hannah McGrath says she felt a sudden burst of pain explode in the back of her head while in the kitchen and the room started to spinning.

She manged to lower down to the floor and crawl to her bedroom on the third floor where she lay thinking she was having a severe migraine.

Hannah, from Norwich, Norfolk, told “It was the most immense pain I’ve ever felt. I tried to cover my eyes and just go to sleep but I couldn’t.

“When my housemate came home I couldn’t even explain what had happened, I just said: “I think I’m going to die”.”

That evening, she took some painkillers and headed into work for a night shift but she started to feel dizzy and colleagues noticed she “kept walking into things”.

They sent her home for the rest of the week and when she went back to work on the Sunday she knew she still wasn’t right.

During the medication round Hannah’s left arm started twitching and dropped a big bottle of water on the floor and couldn’t pick it up.

She got sent to A&E where an MRI scan showed she had two clots on her brain caused by two separate strokes.

Hannah, now 27, says she had been put on the pill six to eight weeks before to try and help clear up her acne.

She said: “They’ve never found a definite cause, but the working diagnosis was that the pill caused a clot to form in my leg, or somewhere else, and then that travelled through a hole in my heart I didn’t know I had.”

She says she got a second opinion and they agreed it was most likely that she was one of the very few people who can get clots from the Pill.

Hannah spent eight days in hospital before moving back home with her mum in Norwich, but returned to Sheffield for follow-up tests.

She needed occupational therapy to regain strength in her left arm and managed to return to work after nine months.

Four years on, Hannah is now a nurse at Manchester Royal A&E and raises awareness for the Stroke Association.

It comes after Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke revealed she suffered two life-threatening strokes while filming for the show.

The actress – who plays Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO show – was left in so much agony by the brain aneurysms and the subsequent surgery she had to undergo that she even begged medical staff to let her die.

Emilia has since fully recovered and has thrown herself into creating a charity called SameYou which helps people recovering from brain injuries and strokes.