New mum’s horror as woman posing as a social worker tries to abduct her one-week-old baby after knocking on her door

A NEW mum was left horrified after a woman posing as a social worker knocked on her door and tried to abduct her one-week-old baby.

The woman came to the mother’s California home claiming she was from social services and had come to take custody of the baby, the Orange County Register reported.

When the mother refused to hand over her child, she was told she would be arrested.

The would-be kidnapper gave her name as Mayella Ortega, but when challenged refused to provide any credentials or confirm her identity, local police said.

She eventually left the scene, but was filmed walking to her SUV by the woman’s sister and mother.

Police have now arrested a 38-year-old suspect on suspicion of attempted kidnapping.

The suspect turned herself in on Friday evening after the release of the video identifying her as a person of interest, according to the Santa Ana Police Department.

She reportedly told police the situation was a misunderstanding.

I told her if the sheriff comes and he has to arrest me, then he can arrest me. But I am not going to give you my child,” the mother, who chose to remain anonymous, told Los Angeles station KABC.

She added that she had at one point offered to accompany the woman, but was told there wasn’t enough room in the vehicle.

Police said they are now working in conjunction with the Los Angeles and San Bernardino County sheriff’s departments on “possibly related investigations”.

Cpl. Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana Police Department added: “We have social workers that work in our department. We’ve contacted them; this is not how they operate. They carry identification.”